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V selector

CSS Selectors

You can optimize your web page stylesheet performance using css selectors. So lets talk about CSS selectors. 1. # – The ID selector The hastag selector in CSS can be used by pointing out specific ID given to the element. Style : 2. . – The class selector The class selector can be used by pointing out […]

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basic css2


ASP.NET CSS – A COMPLETE GUIDE Every website on the internet network today uses CSS to give that perfect style that makes a user or a visitor say wow and makes them stare at the webpage (only if it is that good). So what is CSS all about? It’s not something rocket science to learn. […]

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Apple starts making iPhone with force touch

According to bloomberg,  the next generation of iPhone is already in production and it will have the force touch display, just like the apple watch and the newest macbook. This feature allows users of set up different functionality with different strength of their screen taps (pressure sensitive displays). The cupertino gaint is said to be […]

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Samsung Safety Truck

Samsung is indeed an innovative company. The south korean electronic gaint is hoping to make overtaking vehicles much simplier using a clever idea that allows the driver to see whether they can pass before doing so. Samsung made Safety truck for Argentina. One person dies in an accident and mostly in a quest of overtaking […]

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