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ASP.NET Custom Fonts using CSS 02

ASP.NET Custom Fonts using CSS

In this post let’s see how we can use custom fonts in our ASP.NET Website. Fonts are an important part of our website application. Using the right font in our web application will make it look more elegant and appealing to our users. You can also use Google Fonts in your Website directly if you want […]

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CSS Typing effect example

CSS Typing animation example

CSS Typing animation example In this post, I’ll be sharing the code to create the CSS typing effect in web pages. You can integrate this code in your .NET pages, php pages, html also. Typing animation makes a web pages looks cooler. This effect which I’m mentioning here has the backspace effect also. So you can […]

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CSS Parallax scrolling effect

CSS Parallax scrolling effect This post explains basics of css parallax scrolling effect which is now quite popular in many websites. Parallax effect generates eye catching scroll effects and your website will probably look more professional. I’m going to show a simple trick which will help you generate that amazing parallax effect. Demo Normally we […]

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