Android – Creating your first widget

Android - Creating your first widget

Android widget Example : Android widgets are used for many purposes. You can use widgets for displaying quick calendar, calculator, a simple do to list, etc. It is unique feature of Android OS. Android widgets are created by extending the android.widget class. You can create your own widgets in Android application to display overview of information stored […]

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Android playing audio

Android playing audio In your android application create a new folder in your res folder named raw. Download following sound file from the link below. It’s not necessary, you can use yours too. Copy the downloaded audio file in the raw folder with name ding_dong.mp3. Download Audio File And Image file from and copy this […]

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Android creating Pie chart

Android creating Pie chart Pie charts are used to describe information graphically, which is divided in slices to illustrate data in numerical proportion. They are used widely while giving informations in presentation, businesses and meetings. So how to implement Pie chart in Android application? Well this small little post will giving some idea to make a […]

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