About us

I am Hitesh Vikani, a technology enthusiast. I am working as a Software developer in Mumbai. I keep myself updated with latest technologies. Beside that I always keep myself busy building some applications and reading technical articles.

I started Parallelcodes with the motive to share my coding knowledge of ASP.NET, C#, CSS and ANDROID. Blogs here contains solution for various hitches that I encounter during my experiments with codes. This blogs would probably make your life simpler, reducing your tasks to research around the web.

If you find any difficulty in my codes, you can mail me. But  I’m pretty busy lately, so I may take a few days to reply. Please don’t take it personally.

  • Karthik

    any body tell me how to populate spinner from ms sql server

  • Karthik

    thanks for give this

  • Karthik

    i have some logget problem to load spinner from ms sql server

  • najib khanafer

    do you have a example on how to view employee profile in edit boxes based on employee id using sql 2008 r2

  • Muhammad Salma Nabila Alibasyi

    I have a project to make recyclerview and gps mapping whicu using sqlserver database. Can you help me to show how to connect jtds library and retrofit or something else to make this application?

  • Study Point Asansol

    Dear Hitesh
    I used your source code and made my first app. Thanks a lot. Now I just want a help. Actually I want to make a MCQ app with the following things.
    1. Selection should be there when the screens opens. a. Grammar b. Word Game with 4 options.
    2. Levelwise quiz. ( suppose 20 0r 30 questions are there in all the chapters and after getting a certain percentage only the next level will be opened.) Level should be editable so that I can Add or deduct levels.
    3. For every question 30 sec countdown time
    4. Complete source code ready for play store.
    If you can help me please reply or mail to studypoint4all@gmail.com
    I am working on android studio with very little knowledge of this.